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Plastic Mousetrap
Highly effective, easy to use, tough and waterproof. Strong spring action, protective cap holds bait in place, sharp teeth for optimum performance.
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Rodent Bait/Trap/Glue Station
Solid plastic casing keeps poison bait away from children and pet; Secure lockable lid, with key open.Ensure safe application fo poison baits.
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Wooden Mousetrap
Wooden mousetrap, use wood and metal wire, durable, easy to operate, and brake trigger agility.
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Glue Mousetrap
Strongly adhesive, odourless, ready to use, safe and sanitary, it is an ideal mousetrap. As a new generation of environmental product, it is not subject to weather change, reusable, non-toxic, harmless and environment-friendly.
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Metal Mousetrap
Made of galvanized wire for maximum rust and corrosion resistance,the equipment is sharp, and its inoxidizability is good. Simplicity for operation; Easy to set,bait and release.
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Electronic Mousetrap
Electronic mousetrap,catching rats electronically, simple, safe, environmental protection, thoroughly.
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Mouse Cage
Mouse cage trap of humane design;Live animal cage trap;Ideal for catching and transporting rats.
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Our factory also produces other pest control.we sincerely welcome cooperation with you. all pest control can be dangerous to children, keep children away from all traps.
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